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You name it, chances are very high that we can manufacture it. So, what sort of products do you need?

At RotoMoldUSA if you have product requirements consisting of lightweight, custom-molded, cost-effective, durable/long-lasting, and corrosion-proof, then we most likely can manufacture it and can significantly reduce your cost. Whether you are looking to improve an existing product through the use of rotational molded components or increase efficiencies in your manufacturing process RotoMoldUSA can deliver a custom designed product to meet and exceed your requirements. Rotational molding is incredibly versatile allowing for a vast variety of shapes and sizes to be created that are typically difficult to produce by any other method.

Rotational molding can significantly maximize space, transportation, and general industrial productivity, thereby decreasing costs and providing the competitive advantage you need. This is a cost-effective method to produce large plastic parts. Resins are added into a mold that’s heated and rotated slowly, both vertically and horizontally. The simultaneous heating and rotation distributes and fuses the resin on the inner surfaces of the mold. The result is a product that contains seamless parts with a uniform wall thickness with more material in corners to absorb shocks and stresses where they occur most.

Product Possibilities

Boat lift tanks
Traffic barriers
Utility boxes
Compost containers
Airplane seat pockets

Liquid storage tanks
Heavy Duty Pallets
Underground shelters
Aquaculture floats

Additional Advantages of Rotational Molding

Decreased lead-time
One-piece construction: virtually stress-free enclosed parts or with openings
Metal inserts as integral parts
Excellent load-bearing properties
Ability to produce multi-wall moldings, hollow or foam filled
Minor undercuts are possible with no draft angles required
Thickness can be varied if required
Cost saving – economic tooling costs