RotoMoldUSA® Advantage

If you are looking to improve an existing product through the use of rotationally molded components, RotoMoldUSA® can deliver a custom designed product to meet and exceed your requirements with our state-of the-art equipment.

The RotoMoldUSA® Advantage includes the capabilities of assisting in the design, prototyping, and testing process.


  • Company 50 years strong
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • Parts manufactured up to 30’ (9.14 m) in length
  • In-house mold maintenance
  • Plastic fusion process
  • Largest bi-axial rotational molding machine in the world
  • (20’ swing)
  • Centrally located (U.S. Hub Zone)
  • 3D rapid prototype printer
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Design assistance

Product Possibilities



You name it, chances are we can manufacture it.

Rotational molding is incredibly versatile allowing for a variety of shapes and sizes to be created that are typically difficult to produce by any other method.

  •  Lightweight
  •  Custom-Molded
  •  Cost-Effective
  •  Durable/Long-Lasting
  •  Corrosion-Proof

Why You Should Choose Rotational Molding


  • Rotomolding easily produces a variety of shapes and sizes difficult to create through any other method.

  • Design flexibility from small and intricate to large and complex

  • Variety of finishes and colors available

Improved Product/Process Execution

  • Economical for short production runs, prototype research and volume production

  • Weight reduced-as compared to most metals

  • Uniform wall thickness-no thinning in the extremities-resulting in resistance to stress-cracking and corrosion

Cost-Effective, Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Rotomolded products have the ability to be made seamless and virtually strain-free

  • Little or no waste scrap

  • Least expensive of all plastic manufacturing processes